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Risk Management

Our disciplined approach ensures that market price risk is always carefully controlled

Global Locations

Our world-class network enables us to move scrap and recycled metals across continents

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In a fast moving global economy we understand how time constraints and fluctuations in global metal prices can affect our supplier’s profit margins. Our global overview and expert knowledge of non-ferrous metal markets can help you anticipate and hedge potential price volatility. At Sansing we offer our suppliers the opportunity to hedge their price risk and gain protection from adverse price movements owing to global economic activity.

We do this by means of buying and selling forward contracts on the LME and COMEX to offset the risk of physical metal becoming more or less expensive on a future delivery date. Depending on your appetite for risk our hedging service can reduce or eliminate your price risk completely.

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We offer an unrivalled expert view of global metal markets to help

suppliers stay on top