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Hamish Michie


Simon Woolf

Managing Director and Founding Partner

Joey Cho

Finance Director

Shirley Pi

Commercial Director

Executive Committee

Richard Smalley

Commercial Executive

Francesco Parrini

Commercial Executive

Sam Woolf

Commercial Executive

Emma Yuen

Logistics Manager

Maggie Mak

Shipping Manager

It’s our deep industry knowledge, care  and attention that sets us apart

About Our Company

Sansing is a global supplier of scrap and recycled non-ferrous metals. We are a trusted partner to a range of companies across the recycling industry from processors, refineries, smelters, to manufacturers. We handle all major categories of scrap and recycled non-ferrous metals, including aluminium, copper, lead, nickel and zinc, with substantial interest in other non-ferrous metals. We operate as a global organization with a network of offices and agents across Europe, Middle East, Africa and North America.

Our sales are centralised through our headquarters in Hong Kong, with emphasis on supplying products into China and the Asia-Pacific region. The scale and scope of our operation coupled with deep functional and industry expertise means our customers can rely on us to meet their near and long-term supply needs.