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Company History

Find out the origins and inspiration for the Sansing Company

Global Locations

Our world-class network enables us to move scrap and recycled metals across continents

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The Origin

The origin and inspiration for the Sansing Company name dates back to 1950, when Hungarian born and British philanthropist, Sir Sigmund Sternberg established Mountstar Metal Corporation in the United Kingdom. The name Sternberg translated in English, literally meaning Star-Mountain, became the basis of the Mountstar Company name.

The Vision

Throughout its history Mountstar Metal Corporation symbolized optimism and a vision of future possibilities. These values inspired Simon Woolf, former member of the Mountstar management team to establish Sansing.

The Growth

Recognizing the metal industry was undergoing a significant transformation with the rise of China as an economic power house, Simon realized the need for an experienced metals trading organization, with local knowledge and strong finances to bridge opportunities for companies located in the West.

The Network

Sansing was incorporated in Hong Kong and soon after its formation, the Company started to build a network of offices and agents across the globe to support its growing number of suppliers and customers. The company has experienced extraordinary growth since its formation.

The Inspiration

The imagination and drive that inspired the founder of Mountstar can still be found in Sansing today, which is encapsulated in its name. The name Sansing, meaning Star Mountain in Cantonese, is characteristic of the company and the people who work for Sansing: full of drive, optimism and a vision of future possibilities.

As a specialist global trader we offer suppliers a different route to market and customers an alternative source of supply

About Our Company

Sansing is a global supplier of scrap and recycled non-ferrous metals. We are a trusted partner to a range of companies across the recycling industry from processors, refineries, smelters, to manufacturers. We handle all major categories of scrap and recycled non-ferrous metals, including aluminium, copper, lead, nickel and zinc, with substantial interest in other non-ferrous metals. We operate as a global organization with a network of offices and agents across Europe, Middle East, Africa and North America.

Our sales are centralised through our headquarters in Hong Kong, with emphasis on supplying products into China and the Asia-Pacific region. The scale and scope of our operation coupled with deep functional and industry expertise means our customers can rely on us to meet their near and long-term supply needs.